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I am an IT Consultant with skills honed towards Website Development, Customer Support, Project Management, Daily Operations Management, Linux Server Administration (CentOS, Debian) and Manufacturing IT Consulting. I also train your team to use what I implement.

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Bryan Snyder

Web Developer, Server Admin, Programmer, Web Master, Consultant

I empower small businesses with modern, cloud-based and enterprise solutions including AWS, Azure, IBM, and will support and develop customized internal solutions.

I build websites from PSDs or napkin sketches and think out of the box for solutions that fit any budget or personnel requirements.

I love to teach tech to the “non-tech” and I am passionate about helping people better understand how technology can help them achieve their business or personal goals and improve their life.

Some Facts About Me:

  • 20 years of real world business IT experience
  • Employed by a wide array of industries and small to medium sized businesses, including enterprise consulting
  • A creative, collaborative, easy-going team member happy to handle multiple roles and eager to learn and teach both with co-workers and clients.
  • Excited to learn your business on a granular level in order to help the achieve your goals
  • Self-driven and innovative; able to work remote with teams
  • HTML/CSS/JS, WordPress & WP-CLI, Shopify (and other platforms), Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects,  Windows/Linux/OS X, CentOS Admin, NodeJS, React, and Git

Why Work With Me

This is what I will bring to your team/organization:


I stay current with modern techniques and platforms. I am currently working in Node.js and React for website builds and leveraging AWS and Cloudflare as well as Blockchain and Cryptocurrency implementation.


I meet deadlines and stay in ongoing contact with clients and employers about project status. I use project management tools like Wrike, Asana, Slack, Notion for transparency and tracking.


From website design elements, branding, social media campaigns, photography, and motion graphics, I can help you manifest your vision.


I won’t take a project I don’t think I can complete. I am open and transparent about my work status throughout the entirety of a given projects. I don’t hide problems; I find solutions.


I take any job in which I am certain I can provide a positive outcome as long as the project is legal in your state or country of residence and does not promote harm or illegal activity.

I am available for discreet OSINT work and security audits of property you own.

Please note that not all of my work is able to be publicly disclosed.


I can help you start a new project, continue a project you already have in progress or a project you need revived or updated.


- WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento and more -

E-Commerce Websites

I can help you realize your project with any E-Commerce platform available and can also discuss Node or React builds

Web Sites Development

- WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, SquareSpace, Wix and custom builds in React or Node -

Web Site Development

No matter what your website wish may be, I can get your site up if its for an event, blog, content creation, news or business site.

Online Marketing

- Customer Support, SEO, SMM, AdWords -

Online Marketing

All websites and E-Commerce platforms need to include Customer Service options, SEO, Social Media Marketing planning and possibly even Advertising Services and I can help with all of those.


- Websites, Customer Service, E-Commerce, Marketing -


I consult all types of businesses and people. If you simply need research done or ideas and advice about your business or project, I can assist you.

Check out my GitHub for current coding projects including React, Node.js, WordPress and WooCommerce plugin development, Blockchain integration and other technologies I am actively learning.


What Clients Say About Me


Let’s Talk!

I am available to chat on a variety of platforms but first its best to send me an email with your contact info, include any other messaging platforms you use with your IDs and we can move the conversation there. I am on most message platforms so we shouldn’t have a problem staying in contact once introduced.

Philadelphia, PA / Wilmington, DE area


Bryan Snyder


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Bryan Snyder

IT Consultant, Web Developer, Support Specialist and Server Admin

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